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Reciprocal Link

Reciprocal Link

How To Add The Reciprocal Link To Your Website?

Step 1: Copy the below code.

Listed on <a href="https://www.website-designers.co.za">Website Designers</a>

Step 2: Paste it to your website’s footer section.

Step 3: Send the link to your website to info@website-designers.co.za.

Note: After you have successfully added the code to your website, and sent us the link to your website, we will activate your free listing.

Remember to claim your listing after your listing has been activated.

Listing Rules

Your company must comply with the following set of rules before it will be considered for addition to the Website Designers South Africa Directory:

1. Your company must be based in South Africa or serve a South African audience.

2. For a Free Listing, you must place a reciprocal link on your homepage. The code is provided here.

3. No reciprocal link is required for the Business or Partner Listing Plans.